De/Re-Industrialization of Keene

Chloe Labrie and Jackson Brannen follow along on Professor Duggan’s website

This course was split into two sections: theory and real-world. In the first part of the class, we read economic theory papers about issues industrial plants have faced and still are facing. There has been a decline in industrial success and many rural industry folks feel like they’ve been left behind. We had many discussions about why we thought industrial decline was occurring. We also read about many industrial companies in Keene and how their successes can be measured throughout the years. We were able to view how Keene companies compared to companies nationwide in terms of industrial decline.

The second part of the class involved picking one of the industrial companies in Keene. We were given 2 people to interview who had a connection to our company of choice. With ours being Markem, my partner, Jackson Brannen, and I interviewed Joe Baute and Don Sporborg. Once we separately developed what we wanted our website to be about, we each chose one other person to interview to best support our webpage. My third interviewee was Gordon Leversee who gave insight on how Markem and the Putnams contributed to the community, specifically Keene State College. With the information we gathered, every student created their own webpage.

In addition to theory and interviews, we were also able to spend three class periods going to industrial plants and seeing the shop floors that we had read about. We visited GS Precision, ABTech, and Corning. It was exciting to get to go behind the scenes and see what the inside of an industrial plant looks like and what type of people work there!

To see my partner, Jackson Brannen’s, website, go here.

To see my professor, Marie Duggan’s website, go here.