From East Greenwich to Keene

When we met with Joe Baute, it was clear that he was passionate about the work he did at Markem and was proud of his time there. Joe Baute spent his childhood on his family’s farm in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. From there, he began pursuing a degree in Engineering at Dartmouth College, the same college I later learned David F Putnam had attended. Joe pointed out to us that he was the only non-veteran in his classes so he joined the Marine Corps and served at the end of World War II.

Once the war ended, Joe returned to Dartmouth and completed a little bit more of his degree before serving in the Korean War. Once he returned, he was able to not only complete his AB in Engineering Sciences in 1952, but also complete his Masters of Engineering (MSME) in 1954. Immediately following his graduation, he began working at Markem as an engineer. Joe made it a point that he learned many life lessons at Dartmouth College. Many of which he still carries with him today. The biggest lesson was to never stop being inquisitive. Listen to the audio below to hear Joe talk about this!

Joe Baute (March, 2019) talking about an important lesson he learned while at Dartmouth College.

Joe Baute found a lot of success at Markem. He was important to their innovation as he said he was called “Grim Determination” because he always wanted to find the best way to manufacture their products. Joe then became Markem CEO in 1979 until he retired in 1993 at age 65.

Joe Baute has continued to be a hard-worker. He just retired from being the Vice Chairman of the PC Connection Board in April of 2019. It was clear to me and my partner that the morals he gained from his family farm in East Greenwich and the lessons he learned during his time at Dartmouth College created a hardworking, kind man.